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Have you ever heard the story of a guy who came home from the army...found his g/f cheating on him...he got pissed and drove off on his motorcycle and wrecked which killed him. Your supposed to sit out on the cornor of the road and turn off your car and blink the head lights 3 times. Within minutes you should see a light come toward you and then it will vanish. It said the light is the head light of the motorcycle.

Personally I think the story is a bunch of shit. But last night me and Johnny went out to see if the light was real.

When we got there all I kept thinking was"a cop is gonna catch us and fine me". So i was already jumpy cus i didnt want a ticket from a cop. We drove up and down the road 2 or 3 times to see how traffic was. The roads seemed empty so we went the the sharp turn in the road and sat there. I turned the car off never keeping me eyes off the road cus at the first glance of car lights I had to get out of there. I blinked the light 3 times and we waited. I was very freaked out by the thought of getting a ticket but then out of the blue a calm came over me. I noticed the place was actually kind of relaxing. I think it was about 3 or 4 minutes of waiting when i felt this way....and just about that time a small orb appeared down the road in front of us.

My calm vanished and turned to pure terror and excitement. The road is very slim and the orb appeared off the side of the road. It was small and was a very faint light....the light was inconsistent...not seeming solid and it had a flickering motion to it much like a lantern. It moved very slowly as if not moving at all towards the center of the road. It vanishised from the side of the road and 3 seconds later reappeared in the middle of the road. it moved slowy towards us.. flickering and disappearing and reappearing. The light itself made no light. It glowed but did not transfer any type of light like a flash light or glow stick would. It also made no sound.

It was still a good distance in front of us but maybe only a house away. The orb flickerd out and did not reappear. We waited a few seconds and I cant remember if i asked johnny if he thought it was gone but I figured it was done and i turned on the car and drove through the area where the light was.

Every hair on my body was on ends and goosebumps covered my body. The terror had left me with excitement and a weird calm. We drove down the road acting like little school girls discussing our excitement about what just happened. We decided to go back to the spot and try it again. but this time we had no luck. We sat there for awhile and nothing happened. After we had no luck we drove slowly down the road to see if there was any kind of explanation for what happened. It could not have been distant car lights due to trees and hills. It could not have been a mailbox reflector. It wasnt a yellow sign placed on the side of roads cus there was no light to make it glow anyway.

We could not figure anything. Right now...you are going to have to prove to me that the light was caused by an object...because I firmly beleive that what we seen was a ghost. An emotion so strong that it was embedded in time.

Johnny and I are level headed kinda guys.....we wouldnt make this shit up because there is nothing to gain from making bullshit up. Plus hundreds of others have seen this light also. Next time im bringing a video camera...though im sure its to dark for the camera to pickup anything.

I want more ppl to come with me next time to witness this
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28 February 2006 @ 01:10 am
Check this site out. Its got supposed "haunted" things in athens.
25 January 2006 @ 10:17 pm
Whats up my sexual kittens!just saying hey!
hey johnny, a tree in your yard fell over. I think it hit your house, i didnt see any damage but i think the branches may have taken down a wire.

Im still jobless. Cus im a fucker i suppose.
Feb. 11 theres a hardcore gabber rave in cincy.
all ages
9 to 4am
Hit me up if your wanting to go. Its hadcore fun
Tom Sawyer will be spinning. he fills the room at the warehouse raves.
Looking forward to this.
oh i found some of the djs on myspace and kristi is in the background of one of the pics. Barely but you can tell its her. i thought it was a little funny due to the fact that kristi wasnt really into the shit they were playing and now shes in a pic which acts as propaganda telling those who look at the pic...Wow those kids are having a swell time!

Im done typing.
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02 January 2006 @ 01:46 pm
So new years came.....and now its gone. Im now left trying to put pieces together what I did that night.
Debbie,david,kristi, and I went to the mad frog in cincy. It was a pretty fun place. I got hit in the head by a cork that popped off someones bottle at midnight.
I came in buzzed already from about 3 or 4 shots of whiskey. I made my way to the bar and bought some vodka and oj. Walked around for a bit.....bought more....and more....and more.
If im correct....I drank 5 whiskey drinks, 3 or 4 shots of whiskey before i came.....and debbie tells me I drank a pitcher of beer by myself. I dont know who owned the pitcher of beer....I seen it and i drank it.
After all that my night has become a complete blur. I talked to alot of ppl and shared my drink with some guy who called me a pimp. I smoked a cig while i danced. Then as we left Im told a guy passing us on the sidewalk was wearing a dress. I said hi or something....and i think debbie said do you even realize he was wearing a dress. Then i went on this rant about how he could do what he wants cus its new years. I have no memory of any of this. Then i climbed a hill or a fence or something. I also claimed i wasnt done partying and wanted to go somewhere else.
As soon as we got in the car i passed out. When we got home debbie tried to get my keys from me but i kept smacking at her like a school girl. I refused to move out of the car and eventually I think Jacob and david helped me out into the house. From what everyone tells me, i was slouched over walking in, very pale, and my glasses half way hanging off my face. They got me a bucket and then i guess i threw up all over. Debbie says it was alot and it was blood red....and chunky! I dont know how many times i threw up.
All i remember is hearing my mom say she dosent think its funny at all...and i remember jacob talking to me. I also remember emily pulling on my wallet chain....which almost pulled me off the couch.
I woke in the morning dazed,drunk, and confused. i was upstairs on the couch with no pants on and had no idea how i got home. I was very happy the whole night and even with a bad ending i still woke up in a good mood. I only suffered a very very minor hangover. I just layed down all day and was fine. No headache or anything. SO i got lucky.
Good times! If only i could remember
29 December 2005 @ 12:14 am
Its come to my attention that the military party might only be open until 2:30. If this is true, there is no point in going. Driving for 2 hours and getting drunk then having nothing to do after 2 is really gay.
I need to confirm this hour situation.
Meanwhile im coming up with plan B. There some events going on in cincy that ill check into.
I think we should have a pre new years party. But the fucking issue is where to have it. So knowing that i probably wont be able to spin.....we should hit up a club friday.
Just an idea.
So if anyone reading this is intrested in pre-party....Please give some input. I know the ppl who read this have nothing better to do on friday. This message excludes david, kristi, and johnny. They are my die hard party goers who always support in ideas

26 December 2005 @ 08:41 pm
Just a reminder that this sat. is the the new years military fetish party in columbus.
Takes about 2 hours to get there. So plans are to leave asap. I dont want to arrive late and only be able to stay for an hour or 2.
13 December 2005 @ 09:41 pm

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03 December 2005 @ 12:13 pm
Went to the rave lastnight.....couldnt find alexs number so i went alone.
It was a bitch to find.
it was pretty fun. More fun than i expected. There was lots of candy kids. I also talked with some guy named wu tang.
Traded some candy....talked...danced....met the owner. It was pretty fun for being alone.
I asked the bartender to make me a liquid cocaine.....and she just looked at me weird.
She said " you want cocaine!?"
She had ni idea what i was talking about....so i said forget it and asked for a bacardi.....I think she gave me a mix of bacardi 151 and jagermeister.....I couldnt finish it....My ass wouldve been ripped.
I probably had a contact buzz all night too. The stench of pot was in the air very heavily.
Good times.
In other news:
Im an uncle now. I have a neice.(SP)
Julie had a rough time delivering her. The baby couldnt get under the pelvis bone.
They jad her on enough strong drugs that would probably put a horse to sleep....and she still was crying and screaming. The pain had to been unimaginable. Heres what i think didnt help.
The nurses always tell you to work out on that big ball. Why...it opens up the pelvic bone. Debbie worked out on it alot and had no problem with emily. Julie didnt work out on it.
From what i understand there was maybe 3 nurses that literally got up on the bed with julie and was pushing on her stomach.
All is well now. Julies going to be sore for a while after going through that.
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03 December 2005 @ 11:50 am
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